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Welcome to Firefly a website dedicated to the final home of Sir Noël Coward

"Firefly: winged insect emitting phosphorescent light " (Concise Oxford Dictionary)


This photograph is thought to have been taken by Cole Lesley and shows Noël Coward at 'Look Out' in the grounds of his home, Firefly, near Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Noël built the simple single-bedroomed house on the site of a pirate look out high on a hill above his initial Jamaican home, Blue Harbour. It looks out across the Spanish Main where a statue of Noël sculpted by Angela Connors still surveys the beauty of the Jamaican coast.

Firefly Sign

The sign outside Firefly and the pianos in the lounge when they were still both present.

Firefly is open to the public and has been viewed by many famous visitors and tourists who have taken the trouble to seek out Noël's last hide away.

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The Noël Coward Room

When in London enter the World of Noël Coward at The Noël Coward Room•View the gallery of images of the room at its Tea Party opening in May 2014.

The casts of Blithe Spirit and Relative Values honoured the room at its opening with an afternoon tea party and a chance to hear from the Noël Coward Foundation Chairman, Alan Brodie about this wonderful new resource.

View the Room and details on access at the Opening Event Gallery...

Curated by Brad Rosenstein who curated the Noël Coward 'Star Quality' Exhibitions in San Francisco, LA and New York.
Dame Angela Lansbury at the opening.
In Noël's famed Hamlet chair.

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